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In any business there will be a lot of important tasks on your to do list

One thing that can easily slip through the net is ensuring you have the appropriate first aid and first equipment and training

Keeping on top of your health & safety in the workplace can be time consuming but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to employ one person on a full time basis to do so.

Our managed solution is so popular with many employers now, leaving health and safety to experts, whilst freeing up time for other business activities.


workplace assessment and needs analysis


By managing the identified hazards, risks and control measures, we allow you to get on with the business critical priorities, in the knowledge that we are looking after the health, safety and welfare of your staff.

This will ensure that you are not only fully compliant, but more importantly providing a safe place of work for your staff, visitors and clients.

Evidence shows that this is beneficial to your business and in most cases profits are up we carry out all of the work as a key member of your team

training and skills

The regulation changes allow employers greater freedom in choosing a training provider and qualifications to meet their identified first aid needs. we carefully select competent, quality and flexible training providers and manage the training cycle for your business


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equipment and supplies

Any first aid equipment you purchase should be sufficient in size and stock for people in that area and be suitable to the risk we advise, supply, monitor and restock your equipment as part of managed solutions


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