first aid & medical

let us help you make your event safe, compliant and enjoyable for all!

a range of skills for your event 

We provide cover to events of all sizes, from small intimate events to large scale festivals and concerts.

We have a wide range of competent, reliable and high quality partners to meet your needs.


> First Aiders   > Cycle Responders   > Nurses

> Doctors   > Paramedics   > Treatment Centres

> Radio Operators   > Medical Managers

> Ambulances   > Response Vehicles

one-off, series, service & venue packages


> Do you have more than one event?

> The same event at multiple venues?

> Multiple events at the same venue?


Why not take the headache of Medical Provision away and use our Event Management Solution for your event series?

alternative medical resources 

we offer a range of 'alternative' medical resources to ensure you event runs smoothly and is always safe

> covert medics

> lifeguards

> endurance medics 

> light rescue services


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