event welfare

We keep people safe by reducing the harms caused by alcohol and other drugs, support mental wellbeing and promote sexual health.


Does your event have any key hazards that may require an additional level of support to performances, spectators, staff or members of the public?

> Intoxication (through drug/alcohol consumption)

> Muddy customers in wet weather

> Stress

> Tiredness/fatigue of team members

> Hazardous substances (vomit, urine, faeces, blood etc)

> Violence e.g. aggression, assault, riot/disturbance, 

> Animals/vermin/insects

> Disease & ill health - HIV/AIDS

we provide 

> Non- medical crisis intervention

> Emotional support  > Lost children / persons

> Lost property  > Risk assessment

> Health promotion  > Recovery and harm reduction advice

> Consultancy

what welfare resource levels do i need?

Indicative staffing levels refer to staff on duty at peak periods and these levels may be scaled down at less busy times

classification very small event

event attendance up to 3000 people


Essential Cover

> Two person welfare Team


> Additional Teams if event held across a large area or split site

classification small event

event attendance 3000 – 10,000 people


Essential Cover

> 4-6 Person Welfare Team

> Designated Welfare Area


> Chill out zone / Quite Area Mental Health / Alcohol

> Drug Misuse Support

classification medium event

event attendance 10,000 – 50,000 people


Essential Cover

> 6+ Person Welfare Team

> Designated Welfare Areas Chill out zone / Quite Area


> Alcohol Reception Centres

> Local Social Services presence

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