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how many first aid kits do I need in the workplace?

How to assess your workplace size, layout and risk level to determine first aid kit numbers and requirements.

The number of First Aid Kits your workplace needs depends on several factors. It’s best to consider these factors using a first aid risk assessment carried out by a competent person on your team.

Key considerations will include:

> risk level  > number of employees  > workplace layout

Once assessed you can choose an appropriate number of small, medium or large first aid kits to suit your workplace.

Risk levels 

High risk environments such as construction sites, industrial premises or warehouses require more first aid kits per person, as risk of injury is higher.

High risk settings include any premises where workplace hazards, such as chemicals, heavy machinery or sharp objects pose a threat to workers.

In contrast, low risk environments such as offices have less hazards and do not require as many kits per person.

number of employees and layout

The more team members you have on site, the more equipment you’re going need. However, you should also consider the layout of your premises in conjunction with staff numbers.

Your team should always be in quick and easy access of a first aid kit. If your premises cover a particularly large area, you may need additional kits.

In a multi-storey business, each floor should have its own first aid kit, even if there aren’t many workers spread across floors.

In outdoor settings a first aid bag can be a useful addition to make it easy to take first aid equipment to an incident.

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