Service Delivery

Our Service Delivery Team ensures:

- a consistent delivery of our commerical services

- we plan, develop, protect and maintain the business

- we supervise staff and resources effectively 

Clinical Team

Our Clinical Team ensures:

-  that we deliver clinical services that are safe and of a high quality

- we champion clinical policies and provide professional mentoring, supervision and appraisal

- have appropirate clinical supervision and professional development

Business Support Team

Our Business Support Team ensures:

- a consistent approach to assurance across the organisation

- regulatory and industry compliance

- we maintain fully compliant premises, equipment and vehicle fleet

- we have adequate administration and financial support

Education Team

Our EducationTeam enures:

- we manage, design, develop, coordinate and conduct all training in a compliant and effective way

- that quality assurance requirements are met

-we are responsible for supporting, guiding and monitoring progress of learning

Community Team

Our Community Team ensures:

- we build and enhance relationships with individuals, schools and organisations

- we develop and deliver innovative solutions to support the community

- we increase awareness of the brand and associated topics


Excel Medical Solutions is one of the leading companies in providing medical management, medical and first aid provision and a wide range of other facilities and resources to many organisations across the country.


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