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Access to comprehensive, quality health care services is important for promoting and maintaining health, preventing and managing disease, reducing unnecessary disability and premature death and achieving health equity.

Our Service to You

We have range of health solutions for your community.

Community Health

Community health promotes healthy living, helps prevent chronic diseases and brings the greatest health benefits to the greatest number of people in need.

From first aid workshops, demonstrations to pop up health hubs at your event or centre.

Nighttime Economy

Benefits of our services 

  • Reduce the risk of physical / sexual assaults by helping vulnerable people
  • Helping those suffering the effects of alcohol consumption or drug misuse
  • Providing medical assistance, treatment and advice
  • Reducing waiting times of ambulances - keeping your staff to do their job!
  • Reduction in crime and disorder

Specialist Projects

Homelessness Healthcare

Healthcare for rough sleepers can be difficult, if not impossible to access.

Out reach healthcare support, pop up clinics, anytime day or night


Night time economy services 

See more about our night time economy services

Medical support

Alcohol reception centres

Providing emergency service in the city centre on weekends and during major events. The scheme is set up to reduce the unnecessary time and equipment used to transport patients to A&E departments.

This solution can consist of two components.

Treatment centres

This provides a treatment centre in the heart of the city centre. The centre provides immediate assessment and treatment; this reduces the demands on both the ambulance service and the local accident and emergency department.

Alternative response vehicle

This solution is a rapid response ambulance vehicle (which can take up to three people and responding only to those 999 calls coming from the city centre.

Safe havens

These safe havens can provide low-level alcohol-related medical treatment or act as a more general drop-in centre for people looking for assistance at night

They can also save police time spent waiting at incidents for the ambulance to arrive and can identify problem premises

This project can also offer

> Local information and liaison with services.

> Rendezvous point for lost and found people.

> Drug and Alcohol help (based around a harm reduction philosophy).

> Shelter, rest and recuperation.

> Onward referrals to relevant agencies.


Where the NTE strategy focuses on improved dispersal of patrons. The ‘Departure Lounge’ on Friday and Saturday evenings/nights.

The Lounge can be a marquee off one of the main streets which advises people on travel options and gives out provisions that may improve people’s state (fluids, glucose and caffeine in the shape of tea, coffee juice, biscuits and lollipops).

The Lounge links into the CCTV, police and the Ambulance Services.

The policy also had the by-product of creating some cohesion amongst NTE community members.

Venue medical

On site medical cover can reduce your insurance premium

We offer a range of medical and welfare services to keep your customers safe, uphold your reputation and safeguard you!

From First Aiders to Paramedics. We have a solution that suits you venues needs.


Start a group with your local / neighbouring bars/clubs and venues to reduce the cost!

"Following review at the local Emergency Department, the patient was admitted for treatment and care for 5 weeks, due to a cardiac infection and deep vein thrombosis""

Durham Night Shelter Health Project

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